5 beautiful plants for Valentine's Day

09 February 2018
Potted Cyclamen for Valentine's Day

When you think of Valentine’s Day you automatically think of roses, hearts and lots and lots of red. Roses are by far the most popular present to give. A big bunch of roses or just one single rose. However potted plants are becoming more popular. And the big advantage of giving a plant for Valentine’s Day is that the receiver can enjoy your present for a longer time.

We put together a list of 5 beautiful plants you can consider to give on Valentine’s Day:

  • Hydrangea with beautiful white or blue flowers
  • Cyclamen with perky flowers
  • Gerbera with rich colors
  • Phalaenopsis with gracious long stems and mysterious flowers
  • Potted roses which are similar to the traditional rose but also completely different

One last option we want to mention are potted tulips. After they have faded, you can put the bulbs in the garden so you can enjoy them again next year. Also: here are some tips to keep your potted plants fresh and healthy in store!

Tips for florists/supermarkets:

  • Treat the plants with Chrysal LeafShine & Seal. LeafShine & Seal adds shine and reduces dehydration of potted plants such as Azalea, Campanula, Chrysanthemum, Rosa and Spathiphyllum. It is ideal to increase the time that plants can be displayed in stores without watering. It reduces transpiration by sealing the plants stomata without causing any damage. LeafShine & Seal also enhances and restores the natural gloss of leaves while keeping them dust-free.
  • Use watering systems like Aqua Pad and Aquastick. These products make it easier to keep plants hydrated without having to water the plants regularly. Both the AquaPad and Aquastick create a water reservoir under the pot so the plants take up as much water as they need.

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