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Arrangements & design

For the most beautiful creations, whether in vases, pots or floral foam, you want to keep the flowers, foliage and plants fresh and hydrated at all times. Chrysal has different products which enhance colours, reduce evaporation and improve the opening of buds.

Chrysal Leafshine Aerosol

Chrysal Leafshine Aerosol adds an instant natural gloss to your beautiful creations, keeping

RosePro Vase Solution

RosePro Vase Solution is designed to be used in vase and foam arrangements. It ensures the

Chrysal Professional 3

Chrysal Professional 3 is a conditioning product for all cut flowers, with nutrients which keep

Easy Dip

Chrysal Easy Dip is a user friendly liquid solution. This product does not hydrate, but eases

Chrysal Dosing Unit

The Chrysal Dosing Unit enables the accurate dosing of flower care products. Correct dosing is

RosePro Hydration

RosePro Hydration solution is for use in cold stores and shops. These specially designed clear

Chrysal Professional Glory

Chrysal Professional Glory keeps your beautiful creations, whether in a vase or florar foam

Chrysal Silk and Dried Flower Cleaner

Chrysal Silk & Dried Flower cleaner is a water based product which clean and freshens silk

Full Bloom

Full Bloom is a liquid flower food for vase and foam arrangements. It contains active