Transport & retail


Flowers and potted plants need to be kept fresh and hydrated during transport and in-store display. Chrysal's conditioning products don't just enhance quality, they help to reduce waste and extend the sales period too.

Chrysal Arrive Alive® Eco

NEW! Chrysal Arrive Alive ® Eco is an eco-friendly and innovative flower packaging that

Easy Dip

Chrysal Easy Dip is a user friendly liquid solution. This product does not hydrate, but eases

Chrysal Professional 2 T-Bags

Chrysal Professional 2 T-Bags are permeable sachets (T-Bags) with Professional 2 powder. The T

RosePro Hydration

RosePro Hydration solution is for use in cold stores and shops. These specially designed clear

Chrysal Dosing Unit

The Chrysal Dosing Unit enables the accurate dosing of flower care products. Correct dosing is

Chrysal FlowPro 2

Chrysal FlowPro 2 is a flower conditioner. Just like Professional 2 it is especially developed

Chrysal Professional 2 Concentrated

Chrysal Professional 2 Concentrated is a liquid conditioning product for cut flowers which

Chrysal Leafshine Concentrate

Chrysal LeafShine Concentrate gives leaves of plants, cut foliage and flowers a natural shine

Chrysal Professional 2 Bag-in-box

Our new Professional 2 Bag-in-box contains up to 80% less plastic than our blue containers. Not