Azalea and Leafshine
Chrysal Leafshine Concentrate
Post-harvest treatment

Chrysal Leafshine Concentrate

Chrysal Leafshine Concentrate

Chrysal LeafShine Concentrate gives leaves of plants, cut foliage and flowers a natural shine. It keeps them dust-free and makes lime spots invisible. The gloss is durable and resistant and helps to reduce evaporation. Your plants remains looking fresh and attractive, increasing shelf life and therefore reducing waste.

Effects and Benefits

  • Adds a natural gloss to leaves of plants, cut flowers and foliage.
  • Keeps leaves and cut foliage dust-free
  • Reduces evaporation and increases attractiveness.

Extra information

  • Available as concentrated product in 1 litre bottles, 5 & 200 litre drums.
  • Can be applied automatically.

Chrysal Leafshine Aerosol

Chrysal Leafshine Aerosol adds an instant natural

Chrysal Ethylene Buster

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