Chrysal Ethylene Buster
Post-harvest treatment

Chrysal Ethylene Buster

Chrysal Ethylene Buster

Chrysal Ethylene Buster is a post-harvest product for ethylene sensitive flowers and potted plants such as Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis. The Ethylene buster prevents dropping of buds and helps to improve the vase life of flowers and shelf life of plants.  Available in powder sachets and tablets with activator kit.

  • Blocks ethylene receptors, thus protecting against internally as well as externally produced ethylene.
  • Reduces wastage and extend the distribution and sales period.
  • Improves bud opening.
  • Prevents premature shrinking and dropping of buds, leaves and blooms.

Extra information

  • Available as tablets or as powdered Ethylene Buster sachets in a bag.
  • Available in a strip of 10 tablets, activator kit included (with the tablets).

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