Sales tips for the bedding plants season

10 May 2017
Petunia - Sales tips for bedding plants

The season for bedding plants is well underway. As the weather gets sunnier, people get in the mood for buying bedding plants and want to bring some color to their gardens. Because of this, more and more shops are filled with an abundance of welcoming colors and flowers. Unfortunately, the weather in spring is quite unpredictable, which has a huge influence on the sales of bedding plants. Below we give you some pointers how to prepare yourself for this and minimize the risk of having to throw out plants because of disappointing weather.

  • Follow the weather forecast closely: sun means sale, rain means rubbish. You can expect even higher sales when sun is forecasted in the weekends or holidays.
  • Because of their limited height a lot of bedding plants are packed on a trolley. Trolleys will do fine for transport, but do not work as well as a display. Bedding plants are grown in an environment with lots of light and they will also need light to maintain their flowers and buds. Actually: the more light you can give them, the better they will look. We suggest you remove the trays and pots from the trolley because of this. Instead, place them somewhere with plenty of light.
  • The range of bedding plants is huge and they all have different needs. Some plants prefer temperatures between 12-18°C, while others can survive between 2-12°C. Growth processes are slowed down at lower temperatures, which means flowers will stay vital a lot longer. While you do need to be aware that some plants are sensitive for low temperatures, keeping the bedding plants as cold as possible is preferred.
  • In general bedding plants use a lot of water. The water buffer in a pot or tray is limited. To help you with this we have developed Chrysal LeafShine & Seal. It prevents evaporation for a while without limiting growth. But be aware that watering stays necessary.
  • Remove wilted flowers and plants regularly. A display with healthy plants sells a lot better.

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