Chrysal fights for preservation of bees

17 March 2017
Chrysal fights for preservation of bees

Bees are extremely important to nature. They help flowers and plants reproduce and thus form a crucial part of the ecosystem. Regrettably bees are struggling worldwide. In some areas bees have even completely disappeared.

Chrysal helps fight the decline in bees, both locally and abroad. We do this by supporting the Women's Honey Hub in Uganda. Also, our headquarters in Naarden will host our own Chrysal hive, which will be cared for by enthusiastic volunteers among our employees.

Chrysal and bees

For decades now, Chrysal has offered the best solutions for keeping flowers and plants fresh and beautiful. What not everyone realizes though, is the crucial role that bees play in the reproduction of the flowers and plants that we all hold so dear. Without bees there would not be any flowers and plants left for us to enjoy. This is why we think it is incredibly important to support the bees wherever we can.

Bees for Development

We do so by supporting the Women's Honey Hub in Uganda, a local initiative from Bees for Development which helps poor families set up their own hives while also providing them with much needed income. The Women's Honey Hub offers the women a safe place to sell their honey, in a market normally dominated by intimidating men. 

Hive at Chrysal headquarters

Locally we also support bees with our own Chrysal hive. An initiative that was met with great enthusiasm and something that we are really proud of. The colony will be cared for by our own employees, at the Chrysal headquarters in Naarden. Want to see how you can contribute to helping the bees thrive once more? Take a look at this article on CNN.

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