Chrysal Aqua Sub

Chrysal Aqua Sub is a gel which provides an extra water buffer for potted plants. It is effective on a wide range of potted plants with the exception of cactus and succulents. The Aqua Sub gives several extra days of shelf life, depending of the amount injected into the soil. There is no free water after application, because Aqua Sub will be fully absorbed in the substrate. It is impossible to use excess Aqua Sub. Once the soil has become saturated the Aqua Sub will not go into the substrate, and you have effectively reached maximum dosage level. If a small amount of gel appears on top of the substrate you can leave it, the Aqua Sub will be absorbed.

  • Aqua Sub gives several extra days of shelf life
  • Aqua Sub gives no residue or phytotoxicity.
  • Aqua Sub becomes liquid under pressure which makes it easy to apply.
  • Increases sales; improved shelf presentation by healthy looking plants.
  • Reduces plant waste in the total supply chain.
  • Can also be used to facilitate a longer logistic chain or for plants to be packed in advance.

Extra information

  • Chrysal Aqua Sub needs to be injected into the substrate.
  • Dosage: the amount of Aqua Sub you can apply depends on crop, substrate, moisture of the soil. As an indication a 12 cm pot needs 50 – 100 ml Aqua Sub.
  • The Aqua Sub can be applied manually with an adjusted spray pistol or syringe.
  • Automatic injection is also possible.
  • To be used by plant growers and packers.
  • To be used during transport and/or at retail level.
  • Download more information on the Injection Unit by Martin Stolze
  • For more information, please look at our product sheet.

Chrysal LeafShine & Seal

Chrysal LeafShine & Seal reduces dehydration of

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