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Chrysal Glory

Chrysal Glory keeps your beautiful creations, whether in a vase or floral foam fresh and hydrated at all times. It provides a shield to all types of fresh flowers, plants and foliage and is suitable for all cut flowers, especially those without a water source, such as wedding bouquets and corsages. It not only enhances colours, but also reduces evaporation and keeps the leaves green. Your designs deserve to be enjoyed longer.

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  • Keeps flowers fresh, enhances colours and keeps the leaves green.
  • Odourless and leaves no drops or stains.

Extra information

  • Available in 500ml trigger bottles and a 5 litre refill can.
  • Environmentally friendly: water-based product without propellant.
  • For more information about Chrysal Professional Glory, read our product sheet.



Chrysal Leafshine Aerosol

Chrysal Leafshine Aerosol adds an instant natural

Chrysal Professional 2

Chrysal Professional 2 has been especially

chrysal glory

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