Chrysal's roots

For more than 85 years, Chrysal has supplied premium flower care products which condition cut flowes for optimal quality. The last few years we have used our knowledge of flower care to develop a line of plant care products as well. Our founder and front man was Herman Pieter Bendien, the Dutch inventor of the world's first fertilizer for indoor plants. In 1949, Ir. Camille Buys introduced Chrysal, an innovative formula that doubled the vase life of cut flowers. Bendien added Chrysal to the Pokon assortment and bought the brand from Buys' heirs after his death, creating the company Pokon & Chrysal with headquarters in Naarden, The Netherlands. Pokon & Chrysal remained a family business until 2007. Pokon plant food activities were sold to an investment company, and our official name changed to Chrysal International. 

Our history:

1929: H.P. Bendien develops a formula for a fertilizer for indoor plants. Bendien called the product POKON after its chemical composition.
1949: Ir Camille Buys invents Chrysal, an innovative formula that increases the vase life of cut flowers. After Mr Buys passed away Mr Bendien acquired the Chrysal activities. Pokon & Chrysal became a household name in the Netherlands.
1970s: Chrysal introduces pre-treatment products (conditioning of flowers just after harvest) that become a new notion in the flower industry.
1984: Pre-treatment for certain flowers is made compulsory by the Dutch flower auction VBN.
1990s: Introduction of the Chrysal Professional Range. Used on cut flowers during transport and storage.
2002: The research department operates under the name Floral Solutions. A government certified company, which further emphasizes the objectivity of our test results.
2007: Chrysal joins forces with the Swedish company Vitabric, a prominent producer of flower food. The POKON activities are sold in order to focus 100% on B2B activities. In Holland we continue under the name Chrysal International B.V.
2002: We set-up a joint venture in Japan with local production facilities.
2005: We set up a sales and production company in Colombia.
2009: We set up a sales and production company in Kenya.
2011: We acquire Ecuador’s largest post-harvest floral solution producer Everflor. With this acquisition we can provide a better and complete service throughout the Americas. 
2016: We have operations in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia and our products are available in over 60 countries.

More information?

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