Chrysal SVB against leaf yellowing
Post-harvest treatment

Chrysal SVB

Chrysal SVB against leaf yellowing

Chrysal SVB is a post-harvest product which stimulates the opening of the buds and prevenst leaf yellowing. This product is preferaly used by growers directly after harvest. Chrysal SVB comes in a tablet form and can be dosed easily.

  • Keeps leaves fresh and green.
  • Maintains flower quality
  • Prolongs vase life.
  • Use in combination with Chrysal AVB for an optimal treatment of Lilium and Alstroemeria

Extra information

  • Contains a tracer for dosage control.
  • Available in pots containing 250 tablets.
  • Can be dosed automatically with Drop ‘n Go. A user-friendly machine which saves time and labour costs. 

For more information and availability in your country please contact your local sales manager.


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