caring for people
caring for people

3. Caring for employees and people

At Chrysal we care about people. We create a caring workplace for our employees by valuing health and safety as a high priority as well as ensuring equality and diversity. Furthermore, we are involved in local communities by contributing to their health and education and by supporting local development.

The topics we are focusing on:

Caring Workplace

  • Improving employee health and safety
  • Ensuring equality and diversity
  • Being the employer of choice

Community engagement

  • Contributing to health & education
  • Supporting development

We are ETI certified and we have Fairtrade certified products in our assortment since 2009.

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Within our company, we encourage healthy eating and exercise for our employees. We have a Green Team in place, a group of enthusiastic ambassadors who are helping to increase awareness on sustainability themes, looking for initiatives and improvements and are trying to get everyone from their departments on board to do the same.

local projects

Local projects

We have always been supporting local projects all over the world. The local projects we are currently supporting are:

  • Tania Institute - Kenya
  • Drip Irrigation Project - Kenya
  • Bees for Development – Africa and Asia
  • Social Responsibility Program Quito - Ecuador
  • Floral Angels – UK
  • Chrysal Bees – Netherlands
  • Flowers Memorial Day - USA
  • Bird Sanctuary – Netherlands