Chrysal supports initiative ‘Floriculture together against loneliness for elderly’

07 April 2020

We are proud that we support the Dutch initiative 'Floriculture together against loneliness for elderly’ by contributing flower food for all the 150.000 bouquets that will be given away to lonely elderly next Friday. This initiative is part of the #LetHopeBloom campaign by Bloemenbureau Holland.

The initiative got lots of attention last Saturday when local rapper Ali B. and Minister Hugo de Jonge announced it. Local floriculture wants to contribute and "make a difference", even though the business is going through very difficult times. 

Marcel Zandvliet van DFG ontvangt de bloemenvoeding uit handen van Sales Director Hugo Kolff van Chrysal

Marco van Zijverden of DFG receives the flower food from Sales Director Hugo Kolff of Chrysal

We would like to encourage everyone to contribute to this wonderful initiative. Buy a nice bunch of flowers or a plant for someone that is home alone right now. Together against loneliness, especially now!

Picture: Ali B. en Minister Hugo de Jonge - Serge Ligtenberg/ Telegraaf

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