Keep your online flower orders fresh during delivery

27 August 2020

Faced with lockdown regimes and store closures, consumers turn to online and mobile shopping. Online sales of flowers have also increased worldwide. However keeping your flowers fresh during delivery is essential. Chrysal Arrive Alive is an innovative flower packaging that preserves the condition of cut flowers during transport and reduces water waste in the floral chain. The new Chrysal Arrive Alive D-block, is easy to fold, holds more water, keeps flowers fresh longer and enables horizontal transportation. 

Enhanced flower quality

Chrysal Arrive Alive D-block will hydrate flowers during transport or at point of sale for two to five days. The concept consists of a patented horticultural foam and an outer bag. It keeps flowers fresh without the need for a bucket or vase with water and is therefore extremely user friendly. Once the foam is soaked in solution and placed in the outer bag, it will not leak and horizontal transport is possible. Chrysal Arrive Alive will enhance performance and quality of the flowers throughout the chain to the consumer and is perfect for shipping online flowers. The new Arrive Alive D-block comes in a packaging of 40 sets or 240 sets.


Chrysal partner bloomon uses Chrysal Arrive Alive for their shipments of flowers to consumers. Joris van der Els, Chief Operations & Sustainability Officer at bloomon ‘We have been using Chrysal Arrive Alive for our flower shipments for years, so our flowers always stay hydrated and fresh’.  

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