More flowers in your world with new Chrysal app

03 July 2019

This week we have released our updated Flower & Plant care app. The update introduces a couple of new features. One of these is the new AR experience: "More flowers in the world. With it, you can add more flowers to your world in Augmented Reality. " It is really simple!

  1. Start the "More flowers in the world" experience in the app
  2. Point your camera at a suitable table or floor
  3. Add flowers to your world in Augmented Reality
  4. Take a fun picture and share it with your friends

Download the app now for Android or iOS. Have you created a nice picture with the app? Then post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #moreflowersintheworld or tag us (@ChrysalFlowerFood on Facebook and @Chrysal on Instagram) to have a shot at winning a Chrysal gift package!

Ontdek het op Google Play

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