Research shows consumers prefer plants with the most flower buds and treated with Largo®

15 November 2022

Research conducted by the research agency “Into the minds” shows that no less than 80 percent of respondents prefer plants with many flower buds and are also willing to pay more for it. In addition, the research showed that consumers prefer the plants treated with Largo® and find it important that the plant looks healthy when purchased. This meant having sufficient buds, green leaves and fresh colours. Consumers consider the pot size and the length of the stems to be less important when purchasing. 

Into the Minds conducted the research in collaboration with Chrysal, in which 500 respondents from the Netherlands and Germany were asked about their preferences when buying a plant. Individuals were randomly shown two plants and asked which one they would prefer and why. One of the plants was treated with Largo® and the other one untreated. Respondents were not aware of this. The research showed that especially a healthy looking plant and the number of flower buds are important factors for a purchase intention. At least 80 percent of the respondents said they are willing to pay more for a plant with more flower buds. The respondents consider the pot size and the length of the stems to be less important when purchasing. 


Largo® is a unique and effective product from Chrysal and Syngenta Flowers. It prevents leaf yellowing and petal drop in Pelargonium, both the most common factors of waste. Keeping the flowers beautiful longer, enabling growth of the flower buds, and ultimately lead to more satisfied consumers. 

Would you like to know more about Largo® and this research please contact Markus Brokemper or Antonio Menezes.

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