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Chrysal Liquid Sachet on String

Chrysal Liquid Sachet on String is a unique, new concept for flower food. This is the first liquid flower food in the world that can be automatically applied to the bouquet with a Chrysal Liquid Binder by Bercomex. The sachet contains the same formula as our Supreme and Better Bloom liquid sticks. The liquid sachets can be produced on string for automatic application but also as loose, twin and even as quad sachet.

  • Enables automatic application of liquid flower food to bouquets 
  • Chrysal Liquid Binder by Bercomex (exclusively by Chrysal)
  • Automation reduces production costs 2 to 3 cents per bouquet
  • Special string packaging reduces the use of carton up to 70% in comparison to powder sachets on string 
  • Higher product shipment / storage density by 36% i.r.t. powder on string and 10%  to 70% for loose sachets

Extra information

  • Available in 0,5L and 1L sachets
  • For more information, please read our product Sheet

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