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How to get more spikes on Phalaenopsis

With a production area of more than 200 ha Phalaenopsis is a very important crop. In general growers try to get as many spikes on a plant as possible to fulfill the needs of their customers. To stimulate the spiking of the Phalaenopsis at the grower a period of cooling is necessary. Light intensity also influences spiking. To make the spiking process more successful and uniform Chrysal introduced a new pre-harvest product especially for Phalaenopsis called Chrysal Viva.

Chrysal Viva is formulated to be easily absorbed through the leaves and growers experienced a reduction in the volume of water needed for application. The reduction of water gives less risk on overdosing and less product entering the irrigation systems, which makes it easier to re-use the irrigation water in the production. Chrysal Viva doesn’t leave visible residue on the plant and has a low dosage range compared to other currently popular products.

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