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How to use Narcissus in a mixed bouquet


Narcissus is a wonderful spring flower that is known for secreting a damaging slime when cut. The slime can have a negative effect on the other flowers in a mixed bouquet and can drastically decrease vase life. But it would be a shame not to use this beautiful flower in a mixed bouquet. So how can you avoid these negative effects? Luckily, there are multiple solutions to this problem.

In store

  • When time is not an issue, you can seperate the freshly cut Narcissus from the other flowers in a seperate bucket of vase. After a couple of hours the flower no longer secretes its toxic slime and can then be combined with other flowers without any problems.
  • If you have less time available then you can use Chrysal CVBN. Chrysal CVBN neutralizes the slime. This solution does not provide any nutrients to the flower. We advise using 1 Chrysal CVBN tablet per liter of water for best effect.
  • Also Chrysal Clear Narcissus flower food provides a fast solution for the problem. The food neutralizes the slime and is suitable for all mixed bouquets. The nutrients it provides also enable a full development of the flower and will lengthen vase life up to 60%, making sure your customer will get the most out of your flowers.

At home

Making sure the flowers will be at their best at home is of course very important too. We suggest providing Chrysal Clear Narcissus flower food, which makes flowers last up to 60% longer. Below you can find a list of all the advantages:

  • Lengthens the vase life of flowers.
  • Provides floral arrangements containing Narcissus with the right nutrients.
  • Reduces wastage. 
  • Supports the full development of flowers. 
  • Added value for low additional cost. 

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Chrysal Clear Narcissus ensures your customers can

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