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How do you choose the best vase for your bouquet?

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There is a logical relationship between the size, height and weight of a bouquet of cut flowers and the size, height and weight of the vase. Flower arrangers often have as a rule of thumb that the height of the vase should be between 40 and 60 % of the height of the bouquet.

The best combination ensures that:

  • The flowers stand up straight
  • The vase can preferably hold enough water for at least one week
  • The vase weighs enough not to fall over i.e. not ‘top heavy’
  • The desired arrangement is achieved

Tips for consumer phase:

  • Clean the vase before use
  • Use the right size and add the right amount of flower food for the bouquet:
    Small to medium bouquets: cut flower food for 1 litre vase solution
    Larger bouquets: 2x cut flower food for 2 litres vase solution
  • After use, clean the vase and place it upside down

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