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Why should you avoid draughts?

Have you ever wondered why cut flowers wilt so quickly? Drafts can be a major cause. Drafts cause rapid evaporation of moisture in the flower, causing the flower to dry out faster. This can lead to premature wilting of the flower and a shorter lifespan.

Cut flowers are sensitive to temperature changes and should therefore be protected from cold drafts. Do not place the flowers in a location with a constant airflow, such as near an open window, air conditioning, or fan. This can also affect the color intensity of the flower.

To ensure that your cut flowers stay beautiful for as long as possible, it is important to place them in a suitable location. Place them in a draft-free spot and avoid direct sunlight and heat sources such as heating radiators.

In addition, using cut flower food can help extend the life of the flowers. Chrysal offers a wide range of cut flower food solutions designed to provide the flowers with the necessary nutrients to last longer.

By protecting your flowers from drafts and taking care of them properly, you can enjoy their beauty for a longer time. So, take the necessary measures to avoid drafts and use Chrysal cut flower food for the longest lifespan of your flowers.

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