Chrysal and Syngenta alleviate stress for growers and reduce shrink for retailers

03 May 2018

Ethylene damage is one of the most important factors contributing to shrinkage at retail stores. During shipping and retail conditions, plants are exposed to high levels of ethylene which can cause flower bud abortion, petal shatter, and leaf yellowing, leaving retail store with reduced quality plants and displays that are lacking color to attract consumers. Now Chrysal and Syngenta Flowers introduce Chrysal Alesco®, an unique and effective product to protect plants from ethylene damage during transport with a simple spray a few days before shipping. Chrysal Alesco® extends flower longevity and increases shelf life up to 3 weeks depending on variety and environmental conditions. Chrysal Alesco® is highly cost effective; one small 200-ml bottle can treat 1 acre of crop for less than 1 cent per pot.

Chrysal and Syngenta Flowers have combined their knowledge of potted and bedding plants to introduce a post-harvest treatment that no grower should be without. Research shows that consumer purchase are 40% higher when a potted plant display is looking colorful, healthy and fresh. Not surprisingly, customers are far more likely to recommend retail stores with high-quality attractive plants than those without. Now with Chrysal Alesco® there is an easy solution to improve shelf life in your store, reducing shrinkage and increasing sell thru. 

Chrysal Alesco® reduces flower petal shatter, bud abortion, leaf yellowing and extends flower longevity, while increasing retail shelf life up to 3 weeks depending on variety and environmental conditions. “Through extensive trialing at Syngenta Flowers in Gilroy, CA we have determined just how effective Chrysal Alesco® is in protecting many of our varieties from the damaging effects of ethylene, especially geraniums from petal shatter and bud abortion and petunias from flower meltdown. This product is essential for extending shelf-life and increasing sell-through” explains Alicain Carlson, Technical Trial Manager for Syngenta Flowers. It is highly effective on ethylene sensitive crops such as Campanula, Dahlia, Dianthus, Hibiscus, New Guinea Impatiens, Lobelia, Pansy, Pelargonium, Petunia, Rose, Schlumbergera, and Viola. Chrysal Alesco® extends the window for sales and reduces grower and retail shrink.  

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