Towards a positive environmental impact

We aim to take our sustainability ambitions one step further: to also positively contribute to the environment we depend upon, by supporting biodiversity and enabling sustainable land & water use.

4. Towards a positive environmental impact

Target: Positively contributing to the environment we depend upon.

Sustainable use of resources

  • Enabling Sustainable Land & Water Use
  • Supporting Biodiversity


Biodiversity refers to all the variety of life that can be found on Earth (plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms) as well as to the communities that they form and the habitats in which they live.

The loss of biodiversity has increased in the 20th century. Climate change is already affecting species distributions all over the world and will impact nature to a considerable amount in the 21st century.

Chrysal bees & Bees for Development

Bees are extremely important to nature. They help flowers and plants reproduce and thus form a crucial part of the ecosystem. Regrettably bees are struggling worldwide. In some areas bees have even completely disappeared.

Chrysal helps fight the decline in bees, both locally and abroad. We do this by supporting Bees for Development in Africa. This is a local initiative which helps poor families in Uganda and Ethiopia set up their own hives providing them with a means to generate much needed income. Also, at our headquarters in Naarden we have 3 bee colonies in our gardens.

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