Chrysal Compostable sachet receives Home Compostable Certificate

07 June 2022
home compostable

Our Compostable sachet, introduced in 2018 has recently received the DIN Home Compostable Certificate (9P0044). This means that not only is the sachet industrial compostable, but it is also home compostable; taking 26 weeks to decompose in a home compost heap. With the introduction of the compostable sachet Chrysal contributes to the change within the flower industry moving from traditional plastic packaging to more sustainable alternatives. 

Our Compostable sachet received the DIN Home Compostable Certificate. The sachet decomposes into CO₂, humus and water. You can recognize our compostable sachet by the official DIN logo on our designs. 

Since the introduction of our Chrysal Compostable sachet in 2018, we also introduced a recyclable plastic PP sachet and a paper sachet, creating a sustainable range of flower food sachets. Not only is the material  more sustainable, also the content is 99% bio based. Our 99% bio based flower food contains all the necessary nutrients for full flower development. This way your customers can enjoy their flowers up to 60% longer. Keeping flowers beautiful even longer.

With this new improvement we are taking an important step in our sustainability offer and towards achieving sustainability goals together with our partners and customers. 

We aim to be the most sustainable partner in the flower industry. Sustainability is an integral part of who we are and how we work. It is our ambition to reduce our impact on the environment, to create a caring workplace for our employees and bring added value to the sustainability ambitions of our customers. We aim to be climate neutral by 2030 and fully circular by 2040. Setting the standard for sustainability in our industry. 

Chrysal Cares, helping nature together

Check our sustainability program Chrysal Cares for more information about our sustainable products and how we can help you with your sustainability ambitions. 

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