Growers and packers keep plants fresh longer with Chrysal Aqua Sub

10 June 2020

Dehydration is the main contributor of plant wastage. However, watering plants in transport and on display can be a challenge and furthermore can cause spillage. With this in mind, Chrysal introduces Aqua Sub, an innovative and effective plant gel that protects plants from dehydration and offers a sustainable solution to “free water”. 

Chrysal Aqua Sub is a stable plant gel which creates a water reservoir. This helps to increase the ornamental value of plants and has a positive effect on shelf life. It is a sustainable solution that reduces water use and the presence of  ‘free water’ which can cause spills and leakage. Plants treated with Chrysal Aqua Sub require no watering during transport and less frequent watering at the retail stage. The extra water reservoir can also be used to facilitate a longer logistics chain or for plants to be produced in advance. This helps to reduce plant wastage in the total supply chain and thus increase sales! The use of Chrysal Aqua Sub is easy and convenient. When applied automatically it allows packers and growers to process in excess of 1500 plants per hour. Chrysal Aqua Sub is especially suitable for plants susceptible to dehydration issues, such as Azalea, Cyclamen, Rose and Hydrangea.  

Research, carried out by the Geisenheim University in collaboration with Chrysal shows that the purchase intention of plants is 40% higher when a potted plant display is looking healthy and fresh. Not surprisingly, customers are far more likely to recommend a store with fresh plants than one with withered stock. Now with Chrysal Aqua Sub it is possible to have fresh plants in your store, reducing wastage and water use at the same time. 

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