Sustainable travel for fresh roses by sea

05 September 2022

The future of transporting flowers is sea freight. Flowers are no exception in the battle against rising transport costs and reducing carbon emissions. At Chrysal sustainability comes first. We have put this at the heart of our business and are aiming for a zero impact flower industry together with our partners. Sea freight lowers the carbon footprint by as much as 92% in comparison to airfreight, but comes with many challenges. With the development of our Sea Freight Service, Chrysal can help solve some of these challenges. 

Studies have shown that transporting flowers by sea freight versus air lowers the carbon footprint by as much as 92%. However sea freight takes time and the flowers are put under a lot of pressure. With all the challenges in mind, Chrysal have spent more than ten years developing what is now known as the Chrysal Sea Freight Service. A combination of a unique post-harvest and service concept that keeps flowers fresh and controls Botrytis during sea freight and long storage.  

Chrysal Sea Freight Service is a total service solution. Not only are the flowers treated with our Rose Dip and anti-ethylene treatment, they are also monitored by Chrysal Technical Assistants throughout the chain from harvesting through to shipping and receiving in Europe to help ensure the roses are well received after being at sea for more than 3 weeks. The service considerably reduces flower wastage and rejection rate and allows the sharing of vital data with all parties involved throughout the transport phase.  

Airfreight has a significant impact on the environment. The IPCC reports are very clear; we all need to step up our efforts to have a sustainable future. This is why sustainability is an integral part of who we are and how we work. We want to be a truly sustainable company and inspire the entire industry. We believe in a zero impact flower industry and are committed to achieving this goal with our partners, so that future generations can also enjoy fresh sustainable flowers. We have big ambitions and want to help everyone in the flower industry. Take a look at our Chrysal Cares program on how we can help you achieve your sustainability ambitions.  

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