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How do you protect roses from Botrytis?


Botrytis, also known as gray mold, is one of the most destructive infections that roses can suffer from. It causes significant damage to the tissue, resulting in a substantial decrease in the longevity of the flowers.​​​​​​ Once infected, the disease can't be eradicated, but there are effective methods to limit its spread and protect your precious roses. One such method is the use of Chrysal Videnti (which is currently exclusively available in South America).

Use of Chrysal Videnti

Chrysal Videnti is a registered anti-Botrytis product that drastically reduces the chance of Botrytis in cut flowers after harvest. It's a fungicide that inhibits the germination of spores and the growth of germ tubes and mycelia. The product is intended for use by the grower and importer and can be used as a dip or a spray treatment.

Research results

Recent research shows that the right post-harvest treatment with Chrysal Videnti can significantly reduce Botrytis infections. In addition, we see an improvement in the longevity of the roses by up to 91% (with dipping) and 86% (with spray treatment).

effect of chrysal videnti

Benefits for florists and consumers

By using Chrysal Videnti as a pretreatment, growers ensure that their roses are protected against Botrytis infections and will stay fresh and beautiful for much longer. This results in a better experience for both sellers and consumers, who can thereby enjoy the roses for much longer, without having to worry about Botrytis and the destructive effects of this fungus.

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