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How to get the best out of your sunflowers

The sunflower or Helianthus is a very popular and common seasonal flower. This wonderful flower is a great addition to any store, both for mono and mixed bouquets and floral arrangements. But how do you get the most out of the sunflower?

Helianthus are known to pollute vase water. This means that the water gets polluted with bacteria, decreasing water uptake of your flowers. And this does not only influence the sunflowers in a mixed bouquet but the other flowers as well. So to make sure food and water uptake stay optimal it is very important to keep the water as clean as possible. Make sure you have no leaves in the water and work as hygienic as possible (by using clean tools, buckets and so on).

You can also keep the water clean by using Chrysal CVBN tablets (dosage: 1 tablet per 2-3 litres of water) during transport and in stores. The advantages of Chrysal CVBN:

  • Decreases flower wastage.
  • Dissolves clearly and quickly in water.
  • More effective than other chloride products.
  • Suitable for all types of tap water.
  • Effective immediately.
  • The solution stays active between 2-5 days, depending on the circumstances (for example temperature).
  • To be used by growers, bouquet makers and florists.

Nowadays sunflowers are transported dry as well from growers to bouquet makes. To prevent dehydration a great solution is to use Chrysal Freshliner. This is a special bag which regulates humidity and this ensures the Helianthus stay fresh during transport.

Helianthus is a product that is mostly grown outdoors and because of it weather influences its development. If development has fallen behind on the field you can stimulate it post-harvest by using Chrysal Grow 30. Chrysal Grow 30 stimulates water uptake and also contains nutrition for further flower development.

The Helianthus reacts very well to food. Flowers develop way more when food has been added to the vase. This means adding a product like Chrysal Paper sachet for the consumer will provide a final boost for flower development in sunflowers.

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