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Prevent dehydration in store with Chrysal Aqua Sub

Dehydration is a big problem with potted plants. Plants are in prime condition when shipped to stores from the growers, but the consumer does not always encounter the same quality in stores. Luckily, more and more ways are developed to maintain quality on the shelf. With Chrysal Aqua Sub we fight dehydration in store. Chrysal Aqua Sub is a gel that creates an extra water reservoir for potted plants and is applicable to a huge variety of plants.

The advantages of Chrysal Aqua Sub are:

  • Extra days of shelf life
  • Reduces plant waste in the total supply chain
  • Increases sales through better presentation value
  • No free water, which also leads to lower humidity levels
  • Easy application by hand or with automatic application
  • Enables longer logistic chains

Chrysal Aqua Sub is also great for use in mixed baskets. You are able to specifically treat the plants that are sensitive to dehydration to ensure the entire basket stays healthy and fresh in store.

If you want more information, want to set up a test or need any other form of assistance then please contact Chrysal International or your Chrysal contact to discuss the possibilities.

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Chrysal Aqua Sub

Chrysal Aqua Sub is a gel which provides an extra