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Euphorbia Fulgens care tips

Euphorbia Fulgens

Euphorbia Fulgens, with its gracefully arching stems adorned with slender leaves and brilliant blossoms, offers a sight of elegance and vibrancy. Hailing from Central America, this flower symbolizes purity, innocence, and the ethereal beauty of nature. Furthermore, it's worth noting that the Euphorbia belongs to the spurge family. When damaged or cut, plants from this family release a white sap, a kind of latex. This sap solidifies at the cut end of the stem and blocks it, preventing water uptake. But, fear not! Growers have found a solution to this challenge.

Euphorbia Fulgens Care Tips for Growers:

For growers, the key to ensuring Euphorbia Fulgens thrives begins with understanding its unique characteristics. To combat the challenge posed by the sap, growers have found that immersing the stems for 15-20 seconds in boiling water can dissolve the solidified white sap. Immediately after this, they are placed in cold water with a post-harvest solution of Chrysal AVB, ensuring the stem saturates thoroughly.  Another tip for growers concerns the optimal cutting maturity: the blossoms should be well-developed, as the riper they are, the better their shelf-life.

Moreover, many growers cultivate Euphorbia Fulgens sustainably. Bio-traps for moths and other pests are installed in the greenhouses, minimizing or even eliminating the need for pesticides. To maintain freshness and combat Botrytis during storage and transport, growers are recommended to treat Euphorbia Fulgens with Chrysal AVB. Additionally, Chrysal's Largo can be particularly effective for growers, aiding in enhancing the longevity and visual appeal of the flowers.

Euphorbia Fulgens Care Tips for Florists:

Florists play an essential role in the flower's journey from grower to consumer. Flowers should be stored above 12°C and kept away from drafts and direct sunlight. Flowers can be hydrated in Professional 2. For Euphorbia Fulgens, it's crucial to remember not to cut the stem, as it has undergone a special treatment to absorb water. If cutting becomes necessary, do it underwater to ensure continuous water uptake. If the (consumer) vase contains only Euphorbia, it's better not to use Chrysal flower food but to maintain clean water by refreshing it. However, if Euphorbias are part of a bouquet, it's wise to use Chrysal flower food. Always provide customers with the Chrysal Paper sachet or Chrysal Bulbosus to enhance the flower's lifespan at home.

Euphorbia Fulgens Care Tips for Consumers:

Consumers, eager to relish the delicate beauty of Euphorbia Fulgens, should follow some care guidelines to enhance the flower's longevity. As mentioned earlier, do not cut the stem unless necessary and always do so underwater. If the vase houses only Euphorbia Fulgens, keep the water clean by refreshing it periodically. When incorporated into a bouquet, using the Chrysal flower food from the Chrysal Paper sachet provided by the florist ensures optimal conditions. With proper care, you can expect a shelf life of up to 10 days for these beautiful flowers!

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