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Lisianthus care tips

Let us introduce you to the new Flower of the Month: the wonderful Lisianthus (or Eustoma). This beautiful flower originates from the southern United States, Mexico and the northern part of South America. The Lisianthus is available in a range of colours, from pink to purple and white to blue. Also, it can be found bi-coloured and sometimes even in yellow or carbine-red. More variations are introduced every year. Lisianthus are either single-flowered or double-flowered.

Taking care of the Lisianthus can be quite challenging. Because of this we have put together a list of care tips, so you can take proper care of them, both at home and in store.

Lisianthus care tips for florists:

  • Make sure your buckets and vases are clean and add water with Professional 2, as the Lisianthus is very sensitive to pollution.
  • Lisianthus requires a lot of water, so keep an eye on those water levels.
  • Being placed in a draught or near a heater is disastrous for the Lisianthus so make sure they are placed away from those.

Lisianthus care tips for consumers:

  • Cut off 2-5 cm off the stem
  • Use a clean knife or secateurs
  • Use a clean vase
  • Use Chrysal Better Bloom flower food
  • Remove the lower leaves, so they don’t hang in the water
  • Keep your Lisianthus away from ripening fruit, draught and direct sunlight
  • Regularly top up the vase with water and flower food when the water level decreases to about 1/3rd

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