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How to take care of your plants when going on holiday


The holiday period is here. A great time for you to go away and relax. However this also means that you can’t always give your plants the love and attention that they need. Because we all want to come home to a house with green and healthy plants, we give you some advice:

Tips for consumers

  • Plant sitter
    The easiest and most common way is to ask your neighbour, family member or friend to water your plants while you are away. If you want to play it safe, make sure that you give clear instructions. Make sure that you put your plants in a cool area out of direct sunlight so they won’t dry out. If you only have small plants, you could also consider bringing them to your plant sitter.
  • Create your own watering system
    It requires a little work, but this method is actually very effective. Fill a bucket with water and place your plants around it. Put one side of a cotton thread in the pot and the let the other side hang into the water of the bucket. Make sure that the cotton thread is first drenched in water for about an hour. The thread sucks up the water and transports it to the pot. For small plants one cotton thread is enough. For bigger plants you may need two or three threads.
  • Outside
    Use natural elements like the rain. Some plants can easily stay outside during the summer. Prevent them from standing in direct sunlight during the hottest period of the day though.

Tips for florists

When it is hot outside it is a huge challenge to keep your plants strong and well hydrated, both at home and in your store. There is a couple of ways to help with the plants in your store:

  • Treat the plants with Chrysal LeafShine & Seal. LeafShine & Seal reduces dehydration of potted plants such as Azalea, Campanula, Chrysanthemum, Rosa and Spathiphyllum. It is ideal to increase the time that plants can be on display in stores without watering. Reduces transpiration by sealing plants’ stomata without causing any damage to the plant. LeafShine & Seal enhances and restores the natural gloss of leaves while keeping them dust-free.
  • Sell plants that don’t need a lot of water.
  • Use watering systems like the Aqua Pad and Aquastick.