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Why should you avoid draught for plants?

Plants in shop

Draught can be a problem throughout the plant journey, from grower to consumer. It causes the plant’s moisture to evaporate to a greater degree than it can absorb and it will wilt. The stomata on the underneath the leaf regulate not only the moisture and cooling process, but also the carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange with the surrounding air. If there is little air movement, the air layer around the leaf forms a protective cushion against excessive evaporation. When there is heavy air movement, caused by draught, this natural, protective layer disappears, and the plant evaporates more moisture than it can absorb, which again results in wilting of leaves and flowers.


  • Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible
  • Use suitable packaging to prevent transport damage and evaporation of water through the leaves
  • Avoid placing plants directly in air flows from front doors, open windows, fans, heaters or air-conditioning ventilators