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What is the best water for flowers?

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Water is essential for flowers to develop optimally. Water fills up the growing cells in the cut flower and provides strength. Water is also the carrier of all nutrients needed for the natural development of leaf and flower. Water shortage irrevocably leads to limp stems, leaves and flowers and ultimately to premature wilting and end of vase life.

There is no standard for tap water. Water differs per country, region and city, and even in different parts of a city the tap water can vary. The various types of tap water differ in composition, acidity and organic and bacterial contamination. However, tap water is generally a relatively neutral solution with a pH between 6 and 8. Our advice, based on intensive research is to always use cold tap water.

Tips for consumer phase:

  • Always use a clean vase
  • Cut at an angle of approximately 45°: the wound will be clean and smooth. If you cut the stem straight it flattens the stem too much and causes much more damage. Research has shown that when more than 50% of the stem is plugged up, it is detrimental to the flower’s life. Water absorption is slowed down too much which causes the leaves to wilt and the flowers to develop poorly.
  • General advice is to remove 2-5 cm. This is only sufficient if the flowers have been out the water for about 30 minutes. Otherwise, best is to cut off 5-10 cm, as this completely removes all contamination that may be present.
  • Use fresh, cold tap water
  • Add Chrysal Clear flower food
  • Use the correct dosage of flower food to water by following the instructions on the back of the pack.