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Chrysal BVB & Plus

Chrysal BVB & Plus is a post-harvest product especially for tulips. It prevents stem elongation, a sub-optimal vase life and leaf yellowing. This product is preferably used by growers directly after harvest. Chrysal BVB & Plus extends the vase life of flowers considerably through improved stem and flower quality.

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  • Reduces stem elongation and bending in tulips.
  • Keeps the leaves firm and green and prevents leaf yellowing.
  • Improves the quality of flowers and leaves.
  • Prolongs the vase life considerably.

Extra information

  • Contains a tracer to monitor dosage.
  • Available in 1 litre bottle & 5 litre can
  • Can be dosed automatically with the Chrysal Dosing Unit.
  • Download our product sheet.

For more information and availability in your country please contact your local sales manager.


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