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Rosehip care tips

The new Flower of the Month is quite special: the rosehip. This berry flower is often used in Autumn bouquets and floral designs. This is not surprising, when looking at its beautiful fall colours. Rosehip is the fruit of roses, and grows on a rosebush when the flowers have wilted.

The colour of the fruits depends on the type of rose. Rosehip is available in red, black, purple and orange colours. Also, their shape can vary from round, to oval and bottle shaped. Rosehip originates from Europe, North America, South America and Asia and is a symbol for waiting for true love. We tell you how you can best take care of your rosehip so you can enjoy this wonderful (fruit) flower longer.

Rosehip care tips for florists

  • Cut the stems with a clean and sharp knife or secateurs
  • Use a conditioner like Chrysal Professional 2
  • When using rosehip in a mixed bouquet, take into account that rosehip produces ethylene, shortening the life span of nearby cut flowers.

Rosehip care tips for consumers

  • Cut 2 to 5 centimeters of the stem. 
  • Remove lower leaves and berries.
  • Use a clean vase.
  • Add cold tap water with Chrysal Better Bloom flower food

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