Tips for herb plants

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How to keep herb plants fresh, beautiful and well hydrated

Tips for herb plants

Herbs have amazing flavours. Using the right herb can lift your dish to a higher level. Of course you can buy dried herbs in the supermarket, but isn’t it even more special when you grow them yourself? And besides giving an extra touch to your dish, herb plants like basil and mint also give an amazing scent in your kitchen.

Tips for consumers

The downside is that herb plants often need extra care. That is why we want to give you some tips to help you to keep your herb plants fresh, beautiful and well hydrated.

  1. Herb plants like water! Put your herb plant in a pot or on a dish, so you create a water reservoir. Give your plant water everyday by watering it from the bottom. So pour water on the dish or in the pot, instead of on top of the soil. Or buy a herb plant that already uses an Aquastick to make sure it has enough water.
  2. Most herbs like sunlight. Place your herb plants like basil, mint and parsley in sunny places like close to a window so they get enough sunlight (3-6 hours a day).
  3. ‘Tougher’ herbs like thyme, laurel, rosemary and sage can also be placed in the garden.
  4. When you want longer enjoyment of your herb plant, use only the leaves. The plant is able to grow new leaves on the stems again.
  5. Remove dead leaves.
  6. Some herb plants don’t have enough space in the grower pot. Place your herb plant into a bigger pot with fresh new soil.

Tips for florists/supermarkets

Not only at home, but also in stores it is a challenge to keep your (herb)plants strong and well hydrated. There are a couple of ways to help you with that. 

1.    Sell plants that don’t need a lot of water. The more delicate the plants that you sell, the more attention they need. If you have a big store and you don’t have the capacity to have someone taking care or your plants frequently you can decide to just sell tougher plants in your store.

2.    Use watering systems like Aqua Pad and Aquastick. These products make it easier to keep plants hydrated without having to water the plants regularly. Both the Aqua Pad and Aquastick create a water reservoir under the pot so the plants takes as many water up as it needs.