Chrysal climate neutral by 2030

20 January 2021

Sustainability is an integral part of who we are and how we work. It is important to know our impact on the environment, create a caring workplace for our employees and bring added value to the sustainability ambitions of our customers. With fighting climate change, one of our pillars in our Chrysal Cares program, we aim to be climate neutral by 2030. Setting the standard for sustainability in our industry.

Sustainability has always been very important at Chrysal. With our updated Chrysal Cares program we want to set the standard for sustainability in our industry. Fighting climate change is one of the pillars we focus on. And with that we want to be climate neutral by 2030.

In order to be climate neutral it is important to know our impact on the environment. That is why we have fully analysed our carbon footprint through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The company Ecochain has measured the impact on the environment of all our products and facilities in the Netherlands and Africa. Now we know where our impact is the biggest and where we can concentrate our efforts to improve on this. We are working on our CO2 emissions, by reducing our energy consumption and sourcing impact and by contributing to innovative transport. Moreover we can help our customers to make informed decisions on sustainability.

Next to our fight against climate change we focus also on three other pillars in our Chrysal Cares program. These are contributing to a sustainable economy, caring for people by enhancing lives and work experience and striving for a positive environmental impact by supporting biodiversity.

By 2030 we want to be 50% circular. We have introduced our complete line of sustainable flower food sachets, containing the compostable sachet, the paper sachet and the recyclable plastic sachet. And with our Bag-in-Box packaging for our Professional products we use up to 70% less plastic. But we don’t stop there. Our target is to have all our packaging made of entirely non-virgin material and to be recyclable, re-usable or compostable.

Next to our move to more sustainable packaging solutions we are also using green (wind) energy, solar panels, LED lighting and are investing in energy reduction. We are constantly looking for innovations, partnerships and new ways to further integrate sustainability into our business.

Chrysal Cares, helping nature together.

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